Check UTI And NSDL Pan Card Status Online

You have applied for a PAN Card since a month and haven’t received it yet..? Don’t worry your PAN Card may be on its way, let’s help you know how to track your PAN Card status online. PAN Card may be applied through UTI OR NDSL portal; these portals help to find the position of your cards in just some few steps. The blue card being mandatory in your bank jobs thus it becomes compulsory to get it soon.

The PAN card status will be applicable online only after a week from the date of submission as the portal takes time to upload your details. So, keep your excitement at bay for just 7 days! The steps to find PAN card status by number are different for UTI and NDSL. Thus, the article will provide all details to get your Pokémon which is your PAN Card. Just on a lighter mood..!




  1. Click on the UTI portal.
  2. Note down the 10 digit coupon number given by the portal.
  3. Type your 10 digit coupon number in the box.
  4. Click to the Submit button at the end to view your PAN Card status.


  1. Go to your form in the NSDL portal.
  2. Choose your option from PAN NEW/ CHANGE REQUEST.
  3. The portal gives you options to get your nsdl pan card status with either the acknowledgement number or typing the full name.
  4. Type your 15 digit acknowledgement number if you choose for the first option.
  5. Enter your full name that you had entered while filling your form if you opt for the next option.
  6. Click on the submit button to view your PAN Card delivery status.

Get your Pan Card delivery status in just simple steps. These steps remain the same to get your duplicate or corrected PAN card status. The NDSL portals help to find your PAN Card status even if you have misplaced your receipt and provide its services to reduce time and effort. We appreciate your patience reading, stay hooked to read more.



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